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 Search Engine Optimization FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
about Promoting a Site in Search Engines

To do business successfully on the Internet it is best to concentrate your efforts on attracting target visitors to your site, i.e. those visitors whose problems the service or product you have placed on that site is designed to solve.

How to distinguish target visitors from random visitors?

A visitor is target if, as a result of visiting a site, he has carried out some target operation. For a site distributing software, the target operation would be downloading a software distribution kit. For an ordinary site it might be visiting the product's registration page or order page, etc. If a visitor is not interested in your product he will hardly go to the order form. This kind of visitor is considered random.

This FAQ is oriented on optimizing target traffic of software sites, where the main goal is to increase the quantity of downloads of software distribution kits. However, the technology also works perfectly well for optimizing visits to target pages of practically any type of site.

From here on, when we talk about "downloads", this means for ordinary sites any operation carried out by a visitor which shows that he is a target for that site, ready and able to buy.



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There are some very attractive and relevant phrases. But I can't seem to shoot to the top on these phrases in any way. What should I do?

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