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There are some very attractive and relevant phrases. But I can't seem to shoot to the top on these
phrases in any way. What should I do?

If it is impossible to get to the top by optimization on some highly competitive phrases, it may be worth buying them. Among Search Engines providing Pay Per Click service are: Overture, and of course the market leader, Google. For quite a moderate payment, you receive steady download traffic on your subject.

Certainly, only phrases that pay off are worth buying. But how are they determined? If the request results in some target operation, e.g. program downloading, then there is a probability that the program will be bought. If this probability is 1 %, each successful search brings in income equal to the price of the program multiplied by 0.01. All that remains is to collect statistics on which phrases the percentage of successful requests will be sufficient to make the purchase of that phrase pay off.

For this purpose, Google offers a Conversion Tracking Tool. Having placed the code from Google on a special target page, or having slipped this code to the visitor before giving him the file, you can determine the percent of successful searches on each of the search phrases.

But, most likely, payback statistics for the majority of phrases are already contained in your site logs. In the program Download Analyzer there is a special tool for analysis - Pay-Per-Click Calculator. To get profit statistics on each of your search phrases, load your site log files for about a month, and enter monthly sales volume on each of the products into Pay-Per-Click Calculator

The shortcoming of the first method is that you can't get payback statistics of phrases which are not bought from Google. But, you can quite quickly determine the payback of highly-competitive phrases on which the site is inaccessible in a SE, and on which there is therefore no information in your log files.

The second method can reveal a pile of phrases which put your site on the 2, 3.., or 10-th pages of search results, and which nevertheless provide traffic and payback.

There is an essential difference between attracting visitors by site optimization, and by purchasing phrases in Pay-Per-Click services. In the first case, the task is to rise as high as possible in the search results and to attract the maximum number of visitors. In the second case, you have to pay for each visitor and, naturally, you want to pay only for quality traffic.

To increase a phrase's payback, you can limit your targeting to America, Europe or other countries where English is spoken. Another way is to include the product price in the text of the advertising link. This will immediately frighten off visitors who can't afford your product. The CTR of the advertising link will decrease, but payback will be boosted. If your advertising budget is limited, for the same money you can attract more buyers.

To improve the attractiveness of your advertising link, give some thought to your text. Use slogans. Include search keywords in the text of the advertisement. Google will highlight them in bold font, and they will attract attention. Try experimenting with the text of the advertisement to increase the conversion coefficient and reduce the cost of attracting the buyer. Google Adwords is a powerful marketing research tool and should definitely be used.

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