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 Search Engine Optimization FAQ

What tools and services
should be used for site optimization?

It is very useful to register the site in the Open Directory Project. This directory is especially important, as it boosts a site in Google search results. To register, you enter an appropriate heading and push "Suggest URL".

The Search Engines will usually find your site themselves, from its presence on external links. But sometimes you can speed up the registration process:

A more detailed list of directories and Search Engines can be found in programs for automatically registering a site: AddWeb, Submission Wizard...

Context-sensitive advertising, i.e. advertising on the Pay-Per-Click principle is accessible here:

For analysis of a site:

Programs for the analysis and promotion of sites:

Analysis of the visibility of a site in Search Engines on key phrases:

Selection of key phrases:

Analysis of visitors in site log files :

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