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What are spam methods of optimization
and what do I risk if I use them?

Spam methods of optimization in principle can include any method of deceiving Search Engines with the purpose of improving the position of a site in search results. To the best known methods we can add the following:

  • Excessively filling the text with keywords.

  • Filling meta tags with keywords that don't occur in the page contents.

  • Invisible or small font text.

  • Forwarding the visitor to another page against his wish

  • Different page contents for the visitor and SE.

  • Using automatically generated pages for one or several search phrases.

Sure, in some cases all this can really help. But don't forget that if you try to deceive someone you risk being deceived yourself. In the best case, the SE will reduce the rating of page containing spam. In the worse case, the whole site will be removed from the index.

If you want to go to the extreme, buy a separate domain for this purpose. As long as there's no traffic from SE, you can experiment, there's nothing to lose. But as soon as you manage to get to the top with your devious spam methods, it's time to stop.

Modern ranking technology takes the opinion of users into account. Even if you can deceive the Search Engine, you don't deceive the visitor. The feedback mechanism instantly gives a real rating to your site. It is not enough to come out on top. To stay there, you have to fill the page contents with material that was being looked for.

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