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How to select search phrases for optimization?

At the first stage, it is enough to take advantage of one of the free services for selecting phrases:

Begin with keywords. What characteristic keywords are contained in the description of your product, in the description of its unique functions, in the description of problems which the product solves? The product probably works with some popular file formats, and these are also keywords. Run each keyword through the phrase selection services, and write the results in a file. For the first stage of optimization, select the most popular phrases from this list consisting of two to four keywords.

As soon as the optimization has borne fruit, go on to the next stage - accumulating and analyzing statistics. You want to determine the phrases on which traffic downloads can be increased even more. The purpose of optimization is to minimize under-received traffic downloads. From the log files of a site, with the help of the program Download Analyzer, we can find groups of phrases for which under-received traffic is a maximum. All efforts on optimization are aimed at these phrases. Again we optimize and we wait for statistics. The number of optimization cycles is unlimited.

To determine if a particular search phrase should be given special attention you need information on the relevance and demand for a phrase. It's good if there is enough information in the log files and statistics have accumulated. But there might be quite valuable phrases whose existence you don't suspect.

Try searching, experimenting, analyzing the popular questions of users to your Yet another way of receiving search phrases is to create a forum on your site. The visitors to a forum create the content of a site, and Google indexes all this.

Very soon you will find that your site log contains requests to the forum on phrases for which the site is not optimized.

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