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I have placed a phrase in the page header, and also several times inside the page. Why doesn't my page rise in the search results?

The various retrieval systems have different methods of a rating the usefulness of a site, but all of them take the citation index into account. One optimization is not enough. If the site is new, it may have a low citation index. Time also is required for a site to be evaluated and for it to start being referenced.

The most popular Search Engine, Google, assigns a PageRank (PR) value to each page, reflecting the authority of the page. If we take two pages equally well optimized for a particular phrase, a search on this phrase will give a higher place in the search results to the page with the greater PR.

Generally, the more external links there are to a site, the better. However, the PR value is defined not only by the quantity, but also by the quality of the external links referencing the page. The links outgoing from an authoritative source, i.e. one having a high PR, can increase the PR of the referenced page more than a hundred links from little-known pages.

The exact formula for calculating PageRank is, of course, a Google trade secret. But on the Internet it is possible to find several models for its calculation:

Although they are only models, studying them will enable you to understand the process of creating a page's PR, and more importantly to arrive at the following very important conclusions:

  • Each page has a minimum initial PR, independent of external links. Consequently, the more pages there are on a site, the higher the total PR.

  • Controlling the PR that arrives from outside is rather difficult. But you can easily control and reallocate PR between the pages of your site, increasing the PR of the pages on which you need to attract retrieval traffic.

  • With each reindexing cycle of the SE, a page's PR is transmitted to all pages to which it refers and, with each cycle, the page accumulates PR from pages that have a link to it. And so it follows that time is required for the page to accumulate the PageRank it should have, based on the external links referring to it.

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