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How to meter and increase a site's PageRank?

An easy way to meter PageRank is to install the Google Toolbar. This free, built-in Internet Explorer toolbar gives a rating of the PageRank value for each page loaded in a browser. In this toolbar the PR value is normalized on a logarithmic scale, and is rounded on the ten-mark system, i.e. pages with PR=6 should have approximately 4 times more incoming external links than pages with PR=5.

To get PR=1, only the minimum of effort and a few external links are necessary. But to get a high PR (5,6,7) you need a huge number of links from pages with low PR, or links from pages with the same high value PR as you want to have for your site.

The simplest way to increase the citation index, and as a consequence to increase PageRank, is to register the site in the maximum number of general and specialized Internet catalogues. If your site is intended for distributing software, submitting the program to the maximum number of software archives should be sufficient.

Another way is to write articles and press releases. Interesting and informative articles can be placed on subject sites in online versions of popular magazines. This is an excellent way of receiving a link to your site, where the original of your article should be placed. Of course, in the article you have to provide links to the pages of your site.

And certainly, do not forget to swap links with friends and business partners.

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